Indie Founder and Software Developer

Indie Founder and Software Developer

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’ve been in software and data science for over a decade.

I am currently available for freelance opportunities to help you build early stage ML & data driven products. I work mostly with Python and Azure cloud; I can build a prototype independently but also thrive in a team.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Current Projects:

I have been working on independent SaaS and related projects for the past year.

Not So Rigid Designer

I picked up weaving on a rigid heddle loom as a hobby during the pandemic, which led to blogging about it, which led to tinkering with some design software for it. I am currently in a beta phase for this very niche SaaS app.

Workout Loop

Workout Loop lets you easily create and share fitness programs made using YouTube videos. Here’s an example of Short Workouts to build and maintain a habit. I started it as part of my marketing strategy for a larger tool for fitness professionals that I’ve since decided isn’t the right product for me, but Workout Loop is still useful!

I started a blog on using the Notion API with Python to help me learn about the API.

Side Projects

I have a variety of small side projects in the Side Projects section. This includes several data analysis and visualization projects, as well as the Color Contrast Matrix tool to generate a colour contrast matrix for an entire colour palette, ideal for checking categorical colour palettes for more accessible visualization.

Past Projects


Plankido was my first SaaS idea, a platform for fitness professionals selling online workout programs. I started building a Django web app while looking for customers, and found it to be a hard to reach niche that I didn’t feel was a great fit for me (aka bad founder market fit).

Video Scheduler

Plankido Video Scheduler was a paid app on the Wix App Market, based on Workout Loop, with the tagline “Better than a playlist for workouts and more”. This enabled creators to make programs of videos for their visitors to come back to over several days. I gained experience with all aspects of launching and promoting an app. It got over 50 trials, but lack of initial traction combined with some changes to Wix policies led me to conclude it wasn’t viable.

OC Trainsfer App

When our new Light Rail system was launched, I wanted to be able to check which bus stop to go to to get me home fastest. So I made a React Native app called OC Trainsfer! However, the API information was not very useful when the buses were at their first stop, and combined with me not taking transit due to now working from home I discontinued this app.


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