Side Projects

These are some things I've done in my spare time.

Colour Contrast Matrix

Generate a colour contrast matrix for an entire colour palette, ideal for checking categorical colour palettes for visualization.

How fast am I?

Visualization using Plotly.js to compare running race times

Where's My Bus?

Data gathering and analysis to demonstrate how unreliable my bus home is.

Nutrient Density

Data analysis in Python with pandas, and visualization in d3.js.


My notes and enhancements of a the "Deep MMIST for Experts" Tensorflow Tutorial. I made the network considerably smaller to train on a laptop.

Most controversial Subreddits

Data analysis in Python with pandas, graph using matplotlib, and then an attempt at prediction using sklearn. The visualization script was featured in a Kaggle newsletter.

Thesis Word Count

Word counting in Python/Spark, using my Masters and Honours theses, with visualization in d3.js.