OC Trainsfer is now Archived

Due to API limitations, OC Trainsfer was only so useful and is no longer available. I’m leaving this page up for reference.

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Make transfering from the train less of a pain!

Do you have several different routes you can take when you get off the train? Hate seeing a bus you could have taken go by because you chose the wrong stop? Open up OC Trainsfer just before arriving at the station, and it will call the OC Transpo GPS feed to get the next few trips for the routes you’ve chosen to watch.

This app works at the major transfer points from the O Train Confederation Line - Tunney’s Pasture, Hurdman, and Blair.

See all your upcoming connections at a glance

Screenshot of Trips page

Easily select the routes you care about

Screenshot of Setup page


This app relies on OC Transpo’s live feed, which sometimes goes down and generally only has schedule data for routes starting at the station. It also doesn’t provide the stop letter; this is matched to other OC Transpo provided data. In the event of a discrepancy, information at the station is more likely to be correct. This is a side project with no intention for monetary gain - no ads, no data collection, and no warranties or guarantees of support.